How to Keep in Touch With Friends and Family as a Travel Nurse

August 25 / Posted by Christi Hintz

One of the greatest perks of travel nursing is getting to work at hospitals all over the country, but this can also be hard on your personal relationships. Taking care of your relationships with friends and family is important while on assignment, so we’ve put together some tips here for you to consider while traveling. Don’t let distance come between you and the people you care about, instead nurture your relationships with the following tips.


1. Write Letters

It’s pretty easy to send someone a quick text during the day (and you totally should) but there’s something really special about a handwritten letter that you can’t quite get from any other form of communication. Record your thoughts and experiences each week and put them into a thoughtfully letter for those you’re closest to. You can send it to just one person or make copies for everyone you know, depending on what you’re comfortable with.


You can send more than just words, too. Take pictures to include in your letters or find other tidbits or souvenirs from your travels to send off. Your friends and family will enjoy keeping up with how you’re doing and receiving special notes from you while you’re gone.


If you don’t have the time for letters of if you just don’t think you can stay on top of it, an email newsletter is also a great option. Whatever you do, don’t forget to gather addresses or email addresses from everyone you’re going to send letters to before you leave, and keep it in a good place like your phone so that you’ll have access to them whenever you’re ready to hit send.


2. Video Calls

You should never miss an opportunity to have a nice chat on the phone with your spouse, sibling, or parent, but a video call is a lot more fun because you actually get to see their faces! Most laptops, tablets, and phones have cameras now that you can use with programs like Skype or Facetime to call your loved ones and have a conversation face-to-face. Make it a habit to set up these phone calls as often as you have time. Having a schedule for speaking to loved ones that works with your current assignment will help ensure that these calls actually happen.


Plus, you can use this video call to show them around your living space or you can even bring them along for a quick view of the tourist sites!


3. Bring Something Back

Your friends and family love to know where you’ve been, and bringing back little souvenirs for them lets them know you were thinking about them while on assignment. This could be anything from a postcard to a special item that represents the city you traveled to. Or something most people like is a fun snack or candy that can only be found in that city. It can make for a fun tradition for those closest to you to look forward to!


4. Keep Your Social Media Accounts Updated

Posting your travel photos to Facebook and/or Instagram is an easy way to keep your friends updated on where you are, what you’re doing, and how you’re doing. On Facebook, you could create a special album for your travels that your friends and family can follow so they can receive updates.


5. Exchange Books and Movies with Far Away Friends

Sharing the media you love is a great way to bond with friends that you don’t get to see as often. When you’ve found a good book or movie that you enjoy, pass it along to a friend. You’ll have something to talk about the next time you chat, and each of you will be able to discover hand picked favorites from people you enjoy talking to.


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