What You Can Do to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

September 5 / Posted by Christi Hintz

You undoubtedly already know that last week, Houston was struck by a devastating hurricane. What started as a tropical storm quickly turned into a full out disaster as it made landfall, and many people lost their homes, their possessions, their pets, and in some cases, their lives. The hurricane left so many people in need of food and safe shelter. But fortunately, when horrible things like this happen, it often brings out the very best in people who answer the call for help.


We have heard so many inspiring stories throughout the week of people who went above and beyond to make sure the needs of those affected were met, to make sure as many as possible were rescued from the deadly flooding, and to make people’s lives more comfortable in any way they could. The same boundless compassion and desire to heal those who stand in need that made so many nurses choose their careers has also moved them to want to do something for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you’re wanting to reach out to those affected, here are a few things you can do.


Donate Money

Perhaps the easiest way you can help Hurricane Harvey victims is by donating money to one of the many charities that are involved in sending help, food, supplies, and financial support to victims.


There are many different organizations that are helping rebuild the lives of those in Houston. CNN has compiled a list of verified charities that you can feel good contributing too. To view this list, click here. You can split your donation among the charities by donating to CNN, or you can get more information on a specific charity and pick one to donate to. Mayor Sylvester Turner has started a relief fund as well which you can find here.


Many pets and other animals have been displaced by the hurricane as well, and they need help. If you’re an animal lover, consider donating to an organization that has volunteered to help rescue these animals in the wake of the disaster. Click here for a helpful article that names some of these organizations.


Donate Blood

During and following any disaster, blood will be needed in large quantities. If you have the time, a trip to a local blood donation location can help save many lives. O positive and O negative blood types are of course the most sought after, but they’ll need blood types of all kinds. Find a donation center near you here.


Donate Supplies

Do you have extra diapers? Want to send food? People in Houston need a wide variety of items right now, so if you can give supplies, you’ll be a big help. Texas organizations like the Texas Diaper Bank and Feeding Texas will take food and supplies for victims of the hurricane.


Donate Your Time

There are many ways that you can donate your time to relief efforts. There will be plenty of need for clean up crews in the time following this disaster. But as a nurse, there may be more specialized help you can provide for those suffering.


The Board of Nursing is expediting Texas Nursing licenses during this time, so if you have the time and ability to help, you can serve the vast numbers of people who will need medical attention as they deal with the effects of this disaster. If you’re interested in donating your time as a medical professional, you can start here.


Offer Your Home

If you own a home somewhere close to Houston, volunteering part of it (or all of it, if you’re away on assignment!) can go a long way in helping those that have been displaced by the flood. Airbnb has temporarily waived fees for those affected by the storm in order to enable people to volunteer their homes. Learn more about this program here.

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