How Travel Nursing Helps You Grow

October 2 / Posted by Christi Hintz

There are so many excellent reasons for becoming a travel nurse. You get to travel while doing what you love, you have a fulfilling career where you care for others, and you’re paid well. But many travel nurses are surprised by just how much their career changes them as a person. Whether it was learning something new about themselves, the world, or the field of medicine, many travel nurses have been forever changed by their careers. Today, we’d like to go into the ways in which being a travel nurse helps you grow.


Meet People of All Walks of Life

The more exposure you have to different people’s experiences all over the country and the world, the more compassionate and empathetic of a person you become. Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to visit a whole lot of new places throughout your career, and get to know people, places and circumstances you would never have otherwise come in contact with.


From the coworkers you bond with, to the patients you treat, to the culture of the city and the culture of the hospital, working somewhere new gives you a fresh perspective to take with you into the rest of your career, and even the rest of your life. Take the time to really be a part of each city you visit, and you’ll find yourself with a rich variety of experiences.  


Tackle Unique Challenges

It’s really easy to get comfortable with routine, and it can often be difficult to break out and continue to learn and improve. Being a nurse, you already get many opportunities to tackle difficult and important challenges as every patient is unique and you’ll often find yourself having to approach these challenges from new directions. Add to that the responsibilities of a travel nurse, and you’ll find yourself outside of your comfort zone a lot.


This is a great way to push yourself to become a more confident version of yourself, as you discover your ability to take on incredible challenges. That confidence will carry you through many of the hardest aspects of both your career and your life in general.


Learn Lots of New Things

As a travel nurse, you’ll be exposed to new ways of dealing with the same problems. Each hospital and team comes with their own range of experiences, education, and way of doing things. If you go into each travel assignment with an open mind and a willingness to learn, you’ll find yourself picking up knowledge and skills at each new assignment that you can add to your repertoire. Traveling is a great way to continue your education throughout your career as long as you are willing to learn from everyone you meet- and trust us, everyone will have something new to show you.


How has being a travel nurse changed you? What experiences have left a big impact on you as a nurse, and as a person? What challenges has your new found confidence helped you deal with? Leave your experiences in the comments below.

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