Traveling With Your Partner as a Travel Nurse

January 29 / Posted by Christi Hintz

A lot of people assume that travel nursing is a career for those without any ties. But this just isn’t true. Many travel nurses have families, friends, pets- and sometimes they take these special people and furry friends with them. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the benefits and challenges of traveling with your spouse or significant other, as well as some ways other nurses have handled those challenges.



You Have Someone to Share the Adventure With


And who better than your spouse? Exploring new places is so much more fun when you have someone you love to experience it with you. Years from now, you’ll be able to look back on all the special memories you guys made during your travels.


You Grow Together as a Couple


Experiencing new things together helps you grow your relationship and learn about each other as you learn about yourselves. There may be challenges associated with traveling with your partner, but overcoming these challenges will deepen your bond.


You Can Travel Closer to Family – Or Further Away


If you live far from your family, traveling together can be a great opportunity for you to see your families from time to time. This is especially great for those who have children and grandchildren who are spread out.


On the other hand, if you live close to your family, the occasional travel nursing assignment can be a great way for you to get away as a couple for a while. While living close to family is really great, having some time to be together just the two of you can be a great bonding experience.


What Will Your Partner Do?


This is definitely something you need to talk about before setting off on your first assignment as a duo. Some travel nurses marry partners who are also nurses, and they choose to take on the same assignments and work together. Others have a spouse that is able to work from home or work for a travel agency in their own field of practice. Still others choose to not work, and spend their time managing money, paperwork, housework, and plotting out their ideal travel itinerary.


Your Partner May Get Lonely


Especially if your partner doesn’t work or works from home, your partner might find that life on the road can get very lonely. Being in a new city and not having many organic methods of meeting people can be hard. To combat this, we recommend looking for opportunities to get involved in your new community. This could be by attending a church, participating with charitable organizations, or taking a class of some kind. Ask other nurses for suggestions on what’s available in their city.

When Your Partner Can’t Go With You


There are some situations where your partner just can’t go with you. The most common reason for this is that your partner has their own job that they can’t leave. There are options for partnerships like this, too. Many travel nurses who are married to spouses that can’t travel choose to take assignments close to home so that they can still see their partners during the assignment.  


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