Some Things You Should Do While You’re In Tucson, Arizona

February 19 / Posted by Christi Hintz


ADEX Travel Nursing wants to place you in cities that you’ll love so that you can have amazing experiences during your travels. We have so many assignments to choose from at any given time, and each city is just brimming with unique things to see and do. With that in mind, we’ve started a series of articles providing you with suggestions for can’t-miss sights and experiences in some of our favorite cities. This week, we’re talking about Tucson, Arizona. Whether you’ve already signed your paperwork or are still trying to decide where to go, we hope these suggestions will be helpful to you.

Sabino Canyon


Sabino Canyon is an absolute natural beauty and a popular attraction for Tucson tourists and locals alike. The serene oasis can be seen by foot, by bike, or by the trams that take visitors on an informative tour around the canyon. It’s the perfect place to take a scenic hike, with trails ranging from beginner friendly to quite advanced. Don’t leave Tucson before you’ve had a chance to visit this amazing place!  


Sonoran Desert Museum


This 98 acre museum contains a botanical garden, a zoo, an aquarium, a natural history museum, and an art gallery, so it really does have something for everyone! The entrance fee includes complementary guided tours and animal shows so that you can learn more about the plants and animals that are native to the Sonoran Desert. There is so much to do and see in this museum that you might have to visit more than once if you want to see everything!


Kartchner Caverns


Many travel nurses are the explorer type- makes sense, since part of the thrill of travel nursing is discovering new places! If that describes you, a plunge into Kartchner Caverns might just be the perfect way to experience Tucson, Arizona. The caves are an incredible sight, with rare rock formations, a thriving self contained ecosystem, and a wealth of natural wonders. Book your tour online ahead of time and experience this amazing Tucson attraction.


Old Tucson


Old Tucson is a fun theme park with a spirited old west theme. It was originally created as a set for the filming of many popular films, and has since been opened to the public for tours, shows, rides and games. Check out the Studio’s impressive film history, and don’t miss this attraction if you’re a fan of western films.


San Xavier Mission del Blac


If you’re a fan of history and historic architecture, then this landmark Catholic mission is a great place to visit during your assignment in Tucson. Built in 1797, it’s the oldest intact European structure in Arizona and has been renovated to preserve it’s unique style and offer an authentic look back in time to the 18th century. Inside, you’ll find stunning art murals and statues. Tours of the mission are held Monday through Saturday.


Have you been to Tucson? Or maybe you’re a Tucson native. Whatever the case may be, if you’ve got great suggestions for can’t-miss locations in the Tucson area, help your fellow travel nurses out by leaving them in the comments.

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