How Should You Get to Your Next Travel Assignment?

February 28 / Posted by Christi Hintz

You just got your first travel assignment, and you’re so excited to plan your trip. But there’s one big question you need to answer before you can get started: How are you gonna get there? The two primary methods of travel that most nurses choose between are flying and driving. Here are some good questions to ask yourself if you’re considering this choice.


  1. How Many People Are You Taking?


If you’re traveling alone, a flight might be a more convenient option. But if you’re traveling with a partner, family, or friends, you might prefer the drive since they’ll be able to keep you company in the car. Additionally, bringing more people along for your road trip doesn’t add to the cost of travel the way buying more plane tickets would. If your travel buddy happens to be a pet, a car will better accommodate them than an airline.


  1. How Much Are You Bringing?


Taking an airline will make it much more difficult and expensive to travel with a lot of stuff. But if you can keep your luggage to a minimum, you might not find this to be a problem. Traveling in a car will give you more space to bring whatever you’d like, and you have the option to increase your space by renting a trailer. If you’re struggling to decide what to bring and what to leave, check out our Tips and Tricks for Making Your Travel Nurse Packing List.


  1. How Long Do You Have to Get There?


Take a look at your schedule leading up to your assignment and determine how flexible it is and how much time you can make for travel. If the answer is “not much”, then a flight is the obvious choice. If you are able to work it into your schedule, taking a little extra time to space out your trip will make travelling by car more feasible, and give you the flexibility to explore.

  1. How Do You Feel About Travel?


Many travel nurses enjoy taking a road trip to their destination because it’s a great way to see the country and get even more out of their travel assignments. With a little planning and some extra time, you’ll be able to visit places and roadside attractions you might not have otherwise gotten to see. If you’re open to the adventure, a road trip can really enrich your experience.


On the other hand, road trips can be stressful, long, and exhausting.. You might not want to wear yourself down like that before arriving at your assignment. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy yourself on the road, flying offers a much quicker, relatively less tiring option.


  1. Will You Want to Have Your Car?


One perk of driving to your location is having your own car with you when you get there. But you can also rent, and there may be circumstances under which you actually don’t want to have your car. In big cities like New York City, a car is more hassle than it’s worth, so you might want to opt for flying under those circumstances.


Ultimately, the decision to fly or drive usually comes down to personal preference. What’s your favorite way to get where you’re going? Leave a comment below and let us know if you prefer flying, driving, or some other form of travel and why you like it best.

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