3 Apps That Make Travel Nurses’ Lives Easier

May 31 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Your phone is already pretty good at making your life easier. Instant communication, step by step navigation- you even have a calculator that you can pull up at a moment’s notice. But your phone could be doing even more for you, especially as a travel nurse.


We’ve got three must have apps that make travel nursing a little bit easier, so that you can enjoy the best parts of your career and make the most of your time at each new assignment.



You want to get the most out of your experiences in a new city, but choosing where to eat, what to do, and where to go can be a bit overwhelming when everything is new. The Yelp app is a handy tool that will help you find everything from the best nightlife to a good dentist. You’ll be able to find important information like phone numbers, hours of operation, and addresses, as well as good-to-know tidbits like whether a restaurant delivers or if a hair stylist takes walk ins.


If you’ve found a place that sounds interesting, you can check out reviews from other users to see if other people liked it and why. It’s a great app to have when you need a quick recommendation on a restaurant in your immediate area.



Need an easier way to manage your finances? Mint connects to your bank account to track your income, expenses, and investments all in one easy place.


Mint makes it easy to create a customized budget, and the app will update expenses based on where you shop. This feature allows you to seamlessly track where your money is going and learn how to adjust your budget and spending habits accordingly. You’ll receive weekly emails with at-a-glance spending breakdowns so that you can see where your money went that week. Mint can also help you track your bills and will send you reminders to make sure you pay them on time.It’s a handy tool to streamline money tracking, because you’re busy enough as it is without having to record every dollar you spend in a spending journal.



Waze is like your phone’s GPS only better, and it’s especially helpful for those that travel a lot or make long treks like the ones necessary for many travel assignments.


Waze gives you real time updates on your trip by allowing community contribution to its map. Users write in about traffic, road hazards and accidents, and place markers on the map to show you areas to avoid (or at least what to expect) when you get there. They even post gas prices at local gas stations so that you can get the best price when you hit the road. Community contribution means that Waze maps are more accurate because they update more quickly than your regular GPS map. Gone are the days when you follow a route straight into a closed road and have to frantically reroute.


Have any new apps made their way on to your phone since you started your career as a travel nurse? Which ones have you found most helpful? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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