Some Things You Could Do In Dallas, Texas

June 26 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Traveling to Dallas, Texas for your next assignment? That’s exciting! If you’re looking for some things to do, we’ve done a bit of research for you- here are a few ideas from around the web on fun things to experience when you go to Dallas, Texas.

Reunion Tower


Looking to get oriented to your new city? You won’t get a better view than from Reunion Tower, a towering 470 foot structure that gives guests a rotating view of the grand city from above. It’s a great way to get a beautiful view and take a look at the place you’ll be calling home during your assignment. There’s also food and drinks available, if you’d like to make a day of the visit. You can combine your viewing experience with souvenirs and food, or with other sightseeing opportunities in Dallas for a discount. Check out those options here.

Ride a Trolley


Another great way to see Dallas is in an air conditioned and/or heated vintage trolley, and you can hop on and off these historic cars for free! Check out a map of where the trolley goes as well as it’s schedule here.

Katy Trail


If having a great trail for your jogging or biking is important to you, you’ll love the historic Katy Trail. It’s built on an old railroad, and it’s a popular place for locals and visitors alike. You can find helpful info like where to park and how to get there from the Friends of Katy Trail website. Go check it out and see if this could be your favorite running trail during your assignment!

Dallas Arts District


Boasting the title of the “largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation”, the Dallas Arts District stretches 68 acres and is chock full of delicious food and fine art. You could easily spend the day exploring, but if you’d like to make a plan of attack, you can see what they have to offer here.


Dallas Farmers’ Market


You can get farm fresh fruits and vegetables in the city at the Dallas Farmers Market. This bustling market is a meeting place for farmers and other sellers to offer their local goods. The Market Shops offer local and artisanal foods and are open all week long. You can see what shops are available in the Market Shops here. The open air pavilion where local farmers sell food products from crops to meats and more is available on the weekends. Check out their website for more information about what you might find at this local Dallas market, and check out their instructions here for more information on how to get there.


These are just a few of the fun things you can experience in this great city if you take an assignment there. Have you visited Dallas, Texas? Or maybe you live there- whatever the case, we’d love to hear what you enjoy doing in this city! Leave your own suggestions in the comments below and help connect travel nurses with the best ways to experience Dallas.

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