Flying to Your Assignment? Here Are Some Tips to Make The Flight More Comfortable

July 5 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Traveling by plane is a miraculous feat of modern technology that allows us to go halfway across the country in a matter of hours. But it’s not the most comfortable experience.


Many travel nurses choose to travel by car, but sometimes a plane is more practical. If you’re flying to your next assignment, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can make the experience a little more enjoyable.


Bring an (Empty) Water Bottle


Flying dehydrates you, and dehydration is not a comfortable experience. Depending on which airline you’re flying with, they may have drink services on the plane. But will the water they provide be enough? What if there’s turbulence the whole way and drinks aren’t served at all? It’s just safer to bring your own.


Remember to empty your water bottle before you get to the airport though, because TSA will have to confiscate it if there’s any liquid in it. Once you’re through security, don’t forget to fill it up at a water fountain before you board your flight.


Bring Noise Cancelling Headphones or Earplugs


It’s easy to end up with a headache between the noisy plane engine and the noisy passengers. Bringing either a set of noise cancelling headphones or a pair of earplugs will help make your flight a bit more relaxing and might even help you get some sleep. Add some of your favorite music or a beloved audio book, and you’ll ensure that you’re only hearing the things you want to hear during your flight.


Catch Up On Sleep


Speaking of sleep, a plane ride can be the perfect time to catch up on your sleep – if you come prepared. Bringing comfortable extras like a good travel pillow, a sleep mask, and a blanket can go a long way in making a good nap possible on a plane. Sleeping through your flight will make the time pass a lot more quickly, too.


Dress in Layers


Be prepared for whatever temperature the cabin ends up being. Dress in light, breathable layers and bring a jacket or scarf to cuddle up with in case the cabin gets cold.


Bring Any Medications You Think You MIght Need


You never know what your flight will bring. A crying baby, a lot of crazy turbulence- you’ll want to be prepared. You might want to bring a painkiller for headaches and some Dramamine or other motion sickness medication in case you start to feel nauseous mid flight. Don’t forget to pack any other medications you might need in your carry on bag.


Pack Light


It can be difficult to pack light when you’re leaving for 13 weeks, but try to take the bulk of your luggage as checked bags. Pack minimally for the plane, so that it’s easy for you to tote your carry on around the airport and get in and out of your seat. A small backpack is a great way to keep your essentials on you during travel.


What are your best travel tips for flying in comfort? Leave them in the comments below and help your fellow travel nurses get the most out of their travel experiences.

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