Some Things You Could Do in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 26 / Posted by Christi Hintz

If you’re seeking an assignment in the midwestern state of Wisconsin, you’re in for a treat. Milwaukee is a beautiful city with lots to offer, and its own unique feel. We’ve done a bit of the heavy lifting for you and done some research on some of the things visitors love to see when they visit this beautiful lakeside city. Check out some of these great sights and experiences that await you when you take an assignment in or near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


The Riverwalk


Not only is the riverwalk a beautiful place for your daily jog, it’s also a perfect place to discover great places to eat and play in Milwaukee. The path also features several works of art along it, making it an even more remarkable place to visit when you’re looking to take your time and enjoy the sights. If you enjoy festivals and other events, you’ll find that many are hosted along this path especially in the summer, so check in to see if any will coincide with your assignment. Check out their website to get a map and plan your trip here.


The Historic Third Ward


If you’re excited to experience a city’s shopping when you travel, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than the Historic Third Ward. Home to all sorts of great local shops that offer everything from shops and restaurants to arts and theatre, it’s your one stop shop to experience everything shopping in Milwaukee.


The atmosphere here is really interesting and unique, since it’s a repurposed warehouse district. Events are held here all the time, so check their website often to find out what’s going on while you’re in Milwaukee. It also hosts the Milwaukee Public Market, which is a very cool spot where local vendors can lease space and sell their products (primarily food items) to the public. Find out more about what you’ll discover here on their directory.


Tour a Brewery


Milwaukee has been called “the beer capital of the world”, and it will become evident why to anyone who visits- it’s just brimming with breweries!


So why not take a tour of one (or three)? Visit Milwaukee has a handy list of breweries that offer tours (some of which are free). There are a variety of brewing companies here including big names like Miller as well as smaller, local options.


Miller Park


Speaking of beer, baseball fans will be excited to visit Miller Park, a unique baseball stadium that is home to the Milwaukee Brewers. Experience the beautiful park all season long, rain or shine, thanks to the fan-shaped, windowed, retractable roof. Look for tickets to a home game on their website, and enjoy being a part of the baseball loving community in Milwaukee.


Cheese Mart


Many people know Wisconsin for their cheese, so why not sample some of what makes the state famous while you’re there? There are over 150 different varieties of cheese here, and they even have a bar now so that you can taste your favorite cheese paired with beer or wine. They’ll sometimes host featured tasting events where a Wisconsin brewery will be featured so that you can pair the best Wisconsin cheese with a local beer. How cool of an experience would that be?


Have you visited Wisconsin? Perhaps you hail from there originally- whatever the case, fellow travel nurses could use YOUR expertise! Leave a comment below with your own recommendations of must-visit locales in this or other Wisconsin cities. We’d love to hear from you!

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