Some Things to Consider When Making the Transition Between Staff Nurse and Travel Nurse

September 4 / Posted by Christi Hintz

So you’ve decided to make the dive into the world of travel nursing, congratulations! While there are plenty of similarities between travel nursing and staff nursing, there are also plenty of differences between the two. In fact, we covered some of those differences in our article on the subject. So what should you do to prepare for some of these differences?


We’ve put together a list of a few things you might want to consider when preparing for your transition from staff nurse to travel nurse.


Let ADEX Help You


Don’t let this list intimidate you, part of the job of a travel nursing agency like ADEX is to help you take care of the preparations for your first assignment and beyond. At ADEX, we have the resources and connections necessary to help connect travel nurses with the right positions for them. We support you throughout the hiring process, so you can be confident even if this is your first time taking a travel nurse assignment! Before you get started, talk to us about the benefits we offer travel nurses, or check them out on our website.


Consider Where You Want this Career to Take You – Literally and Figuratively


It’s a real plus to be open to a variety of different assignments, as it gives you the opportunity to have a wealth of different experiences. But there are a lot of options- and narrowing the options down a little will help you focus in on what your priorities are and what you should be doing to prepare. You can check out some of the offerings we currently have available in different states by using our job search feature on our website. Make a list of destinations you’d love to travel to, and let your recruiter know about them.


But you shouldn’t just think about where in the world you want this career to take you- you should start thinking about what your long term goals are for your career, too. At ADEX, we don’t just provide access to job positions all over the United States- we also offer career coaching and continuing education to help you grow the career you want.


Get Your Licenses in Order


Hospitals will often require that you are licensed in their state before they will consider you for an assignment. Since it can take a while to obtain a license, keeping your licensure current in multiple states makes it easier and faster to apply for assignments when they become available. Select the states that you’d like to work in, and also consider the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) which contains many states. This program makes it easier for you to maintain licensure in the states that participate, and you can learn more about it here. Don’t forget to ask your recruiter about license reimbursement!


Talk to Your Recruiter


When you work with ADEX, you’ll be assigned a recruiter that will offer you personalized service. If you have any questions as you get started (or at any point while you’re working with ADEX) talk to your recruiter!


We want to hear from you! What were some of the surprising parts of transitioning from staff nurse to travel nurse? How has travel nursing been different for you? What advice would you share with a fellow nurse making the transition? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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