Looking for Cool Sights and Experiences on the Road to Your Next Assignment? Try These.

September 14 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Before you head out to your next travel assignment, consider taking a little extra time to stop and smell the roses. After all, the destination is really just one part of your journey.


There are plenty of wonderful things to discover all over the U.S.. Here are just a few popular road trip stops that you can find throughout the country. Are any of these on the way to your next destination?


National Parks


If you’re into outdoorsy adventures, want to see some beautiful sights, or learn more about the country, making a plan to hit as many national parks as you can might be a fun adventure for you.


There are national parks all over the country, and as a travel nurse, you have a unique opportunity to visit many of them. Check out where the national parks are located by region or state through the National Parks Foundation. If you need help planning or want to know more about what you can expect at each park, Fodor’s Travels has a helpful guide that even provides travel itineraries for hitting multiple parks in the same trip.


You can purchase an annual pass to gain access to the national parks for a year. Find out more about how to obtain one and what it includes here.


Columbia River Scenic Highway (Oregon)


The Columbia River Scenic Highway runs along the Columbia River and delivers breathtaking views through the 70 mile stretch. If you’re going to be traveling somewhere out west, it may be worth taking a detour to make sure you don’t miss this amazing drive. Learn more about the trail on Travel Oregon’s website.


This isn’t the only beautiful drive in Oregon though. Oregon boasts many beautiful drives throughout the state- and you can learn more about them here.


Hoh Rainforest (Washington)


There’s a magical rainforest tucked away in the western United States that you might not know about.


The Hoh Rainforest is located in Washington state, and its beautiful lush foliage has captured the imaginations of many a traveller. Learn more about this special place, see pictures, and start planning your adventure by visiting the Seven Wonders of Washington State website. Perhaps you’ll even discover a few more things to see while you’re passing through or travelling to the state.


Pacific Coast Highway (California)


Perhaps you prefer to drive by the sea, and smell the incredible ocean air. If that sounds more your style, then you might just be headed somewhere coastal. And if that coastal location is anywhere in California, you may want to think about exploring the Pacific Coast Highway.


Coming highly recommended by many road trip guides, this beautiful seaside drive stretches 123 miles and has a bunch of interesting sights like Big Sur and Hearst Castle along the way. If you’re frightened of steep cliffs or narrow roads, be advised that this trip may be one to skip. Learn more about the drive from National Geographic.


Route 66 Singing Road (New Mexico)


You’ve heard of historic Route 66- lovingly referred to as the mother road, stretching all the way from Illinois to California. There are a lot of great ways to explore 66, and we’d like to make you aware of one of them- the Singing Road of New Mexico.


The road is located on Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras, and will sing America the Beautiful to you as a reward for driving the speed limit. It does this through a series of rumble strips, and you can get an idea of what it sounds like here.


These are just a few of the amazing sights and experiences you can discover across the country. If none of these fall on the path to your destination, a google search can turn up many, many more exciting American road trips. What unexpected treasures have you found on your way to your travel destinations? Leave your own experiences in the comments below, along with suggestions for your fellow travel nurses.


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