Before You Leave: A Few Things to Consider Before You Travel to Your Next Assignment

October 1 / Posted by Christi Hintz

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re traveling from city to city on your adventures as a travel nurse. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of some of the pretrip tasks that will make your life easier during and after your trip- so we’ve put together one such list. Each of these shouldn’t take too much time to complete, and you’ll be happy you got them out of the way!


Call Your Credit Card Company


It’s terribly inconvenient to find out your credit card has been disabled at the moment when you’re trying to make a purchase. Skip this annoying experience by calling your credit card company ahead of time and letting them know where you’ll be and for how long. That way, they’ll know that it really is you making purchases in two different states.


Have Your Mail Held or Forwarded


Your travel nurse assignment may take you away for quite some time, and so you’ll miss many days worth of mail. Instead of letting them overfill your mailbox or pile up on your doorstep, consider asking the USPS to hold or forward your mail for you. You can see if you’re eligible for mail holding here. You can have mail held for up to 30 days. If you’d rather have your mail forwarded to your temporary address, you can do so here.


Clean Out the Fridge


You probably already know this one, but it can be easy to forget- clear your fridge and pantry of any items that will go bad while you’re gone. It’ll turn into a bigger cleaning project if you return to moldy items in your fridge after your trip!


Make a plan a week or so in advance to start using up all your perishable goods by planning meals around them. If you find yourself with extra fruits or veggies before you leave, you can pack them for snacks on the way to your destination.


Make a List of Last Minute Packing Items


There are a few items that you have to wait until the last minute to pack- medications, contacts, chargers- make a list of these items as you think of them so that you won’t accidentally forget any of them right before you leave. Put the list in a place you’re sure to see it, like with your glasses, on top or your phone, or taped to your suitcase. Leave a little time day-of to make last minute additions to your luggage and check to make sure your home is ready to be vacant for the duration of your trip.


Backup Your Photos


You’ll want plenty of room on your phone or camera to capture your adventures! Back up all the photos taking up room on your phone or camera to your computer and delete them off your device before you leave.


What sorts of things do you double- and triple-check before you leave on a trip? What do you think are some of the most important tasks to add to your pre travel list? Leave your own suggestions in the comments below to help fellow travel nurses remember the things they might otherwise forget!

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