A Few Things You Could Do Between Travel Nursing Assignments

October 12 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Travel nursing allows for a lot of schedule flexibility. You can choose the amount of down time between assignments that works with your schedule, finances, and goals. The options for what you do with that downtime are virtually endless- but here are a few ideas of things you could do with that time.


You Don’t Have to Take Time Off if You Don’t Want to


First of all, you don’t have to take a lot of time off if you don’t want to. You can talk to your recruiter about taking as many contracts as you can reasonably fit in your schedule. While a lot of people love the versatility of being able to take down time, that’s only one of many benefits of travel nursing, and you can fill up your schedule if that matches your goals.


Take a Road Trip


If you’ve got some time to kill between two assignments, you could use that time to make a trip out of getting to your next location. Taking fun road trips across the country can be a big part of the travel nursing lifestyle, and the U.S. has a lot to see that you might not otherwise discover.   


Not sure where to start? Check out travel sites like Roadtrippers.com, which gives you suggestions about cool things to see and do between your starting point and destination. You can plan your trip with their planning tool and even narrow down the suggestions based on the types of places you want to visit.


Take Time to Plan Your Year


Your time off is the perfect time to shop around for assignments, plan out the jobs you’ll take for the year, plan adventures for the time between assignments, and set yearly goals.




You can do a lot of good with your medical background. Organizations like The Red Cross have plenty of opportunities for nurses to assist and instruct during disasters but also just year-round.


Continuing Education


If you want to continue contributing to your career success even when you’re not on assignment, you can stay sharp and improve with continuing education. ADEX Travel Nursing offers assistance for those seeking continuing education, so be sure to talk to your recruiter about your options!




Get together with family, go on a road trip with friends, or simply enjoy what your own city has to offer. You could even take advantage of the location of your last assignment and either take more time to explore that city or travel to one nearby. Being able to plan your downtime far in advance means that it’s easier to get together with friends and family for exciting trips. Or, take a break from it all and enjoy staying home for a while. You’ve earned it!


Of course, these are just a few options for you to consider. One of the great things about travel nursing is that you can plan your career to match your goals and lifestyle, so your choices are nearly endless. How do you spend the time between your assignments? Leave your own experiences and suggestions in the comments below.

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