Last Minute Halloween Costumes Using Scrubs

October 24 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Halloween is fast approaching, have you decided on a costume yet? If you’ve been invited to a Halloween party but aren’t ready to put together a full costume, we’ve got some ideas for you. These costumes are pretty simple to throw together and utilize scrubs you might already have in your closet! Even if you don’t have the right color scrubs to complete a costume you want to wear, purchasing a pair of scrubs for your Halloween costume means you’ll get more mileage out of your investment than a single night.


So here are just a few easy to throw together costumes you can create from scrubs!


Zombie Nurse


Looking for a spooky costume? If you’ve got a pair of scrubs that are on their way out, you can turn them into a fun zombie nurse costume! A few well placed rips and stains will transform an old pair of scrubs into a creepy-cool undead costume. Want to take it to the next level? Include extras like spooky makeup, a stained medical mask, a hair cap, or latex gloves.


Orange is the New Black


If you’re a fan of the TV show Orange is the New Black, you can very easily recreate one of the character’s looks with orange or beige scrubs. Get a friend in on the plan to make this costume idea more recognizable. Check out this gallery from POPSUGAR for some inspiration.  




If your scrubs are blue, you can create a cool “Earth” costume with a bit of green felt. Cut out fabric in the shape of continents and arrange them appropriately on your scrubs. Check out this tutorial from Pajama City which utilizes footed pajamas, but can easily be applied to blue scrubs. They also have a cute north pole hat as part of the tutorial!




The little yellow minions from Despicable Me are pretty easy to recognize. For this costume, mix a yellow scrub top with a blue scrub bottom, and pick up some suspenders. You can go the extra mile by drawing the Minion’s symbol on the front of your scrubs or attaching some colored paper or fabric to make the symbol. Wearing goggles and a yellow hat will step up the look even further!


Check out this post from Erica’s Sweet Tooth, and scroll to the bottom to see pictures from her and her coworkers dressing up as Minions using their scrubs! And maybe consider bringing her minion cupcakes with you to the party as a dessert that matches your costume!


“Witch Doctor”


Everyone enjoys a good pun. Here’s a creative one courtesy of One Creative Mommy: A “Witch Doctor”. This punny costume combines elements of nurse and doctor wear with pretty basic witch accessories that would be easily found at Walmart or your local dollar store. You already have some scrubs and a stethoscope, all you need for this costume is some witchy accessories such as a hat, some spooky socks, and some black shoes.


What is your plan for Halloween this year? Do you usually dress up? What are the creative ways you’ve used scrubs in a Halloween costume? Share your own ideas and experiences in the comments below.

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