How To Decorate for Fall with Just a Few Items

October 31 / Posted by Christi Hintz

As a travel nurse, it’s not really practical for you to pack your favorite holiday gear and decorations everytime you’ll be away from home for the holidays. But it’s still nice to bring a little festivity with you when you’re away, and make your housing feel a little bit more like home during the holiday season. With Thanksgiving coming up, we thought we’d provide a few high impact items for decorating your home away from home without buying a million decorations.


Check Out Your Local Dollar Store


The dollar store has a surprising number of cute holiday decorations that you can purchase for cheap and take with you, donate, or toss when you’re done with them. Because they’re so cheap, you won’t mind if they get squashed while you’re traveling with them- and they’re easy enough to replace if you need to. A lot of the decorations are small, paper-y, or otherwise easy to store and pack.


Examples of fun things you might find at the dollar store include foam turkeys you can hang on your door or in your windows, sticky window decals, and small bunches of festive flowers.


The Perfect Fall Candle or Wax Melt


You’d be surprised how much ambiance you can create with the right scent. Pick scents that are meaningful or nostalgic for you. A few examples that work for a lot of people especially around the holidays are: cinnamon, balsam (Christmas Tree) or baked treats. Buy just enough candle for you to use up while you’re on assignment and you won’t have anything extra to take back when you leave!


A Festive Tablecloth


You know what takes up almost no space in a suitcase but can make a big decorating impact? A fun tablecloth. Want to make it a little more special? Make a memory tablecloth with friends and family like the women from Odalollie did here.


A Cozy Blanket


The right blanket serves the dual purpose of making your home feel a bit more cozy and keeping you warm when the days get chilly. Fun patterns like plaid or homey materials like sweater knit make a space look ready for November.




What fall decor list would be complete without pumpkins? You can carve them, paint them, or just put them on your doorstep as they are. Mix and match different sizes and colors for a cute harvest look. You can even make an activity out of it and invite your coworkers to come decorate pumpkins with you. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas from Better Home and Gardens.


A Bowl Full of Apples (or Candy)


A great centerpiece for your coffee or kitchen table is a bowl full of tasty treats. You can get cute fall themed bowls from the dollar store and fill them with a fall themed treat like apples, candy corn, or whatever yummy food you enjoy. It’s a great place to store your snacks, and a fun way to add fall ambiance to your table.


There are our ideas- feel free to mix and match or just choose the ones that speak to you the most. What are your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays? Are there any must have items that you take with you any time you travel during the holiday season? Leave your own ideas in the comments below.

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