5 More Youtube Workout Videos for Busy Travel Nurses

January 9 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Have you made some health related goals this new year? Don’t let your busy lifestyle get in the way of being a better you! These workout videos are available on Youtube (so they’re totally free) and can be done any time from the comfort of your own home (or your travel assignment housing!). And what’s even better, none of them require any equipment, so you won’t have to pack any bulky exercise equipment when you travel. All you have to do is show up and follow along!


Don’t forget to talk to your doctor before starting any new workout regimens. None of the videos included here are intended to be used as medical advice.


32 Minute Cardio Workout by FitnessBlender


If you’re looking for a quick cardio workout you can do in your living room, FitnessBlender has you covered. The warm up and cool down are included in this workout, so you can do the whole thing in just over 30 minutes. Check the video description for helpful extras like additional info, a printable workout, and healthy meal plans. FitnessBlender has a lot of great workouts on their Youtube channel and on their website. You can even filter workouts by difficulty level, duration, body focus, and more on their website. They make it super easy to find a workout that fits your goals and lifestyle!


30 Minute Barre Workout by PopSugar Fitness


Dance style workouts are a great way to make working out fun! This barre workout claims to sculpt and stretch your body, while learning some fun barre inspired moves! PopSugar Fitness is a great resource for discovering different kinds of workouts, and they typically feature a variety of fitness instructors so that you can discover an instructor that you like, too! This video is led by the Barre Belle Marnie Alton, who trains celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston.


30 Minute HIIT Workout by SELF


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and describes a workout where you do short bursts of high intensity workouts followed by short rests. This kind of workout will really get your heart pumping! If this sounds like the kind of workout that might work for you, check out this 30 minute HIIT workout from SELF! They’ll tell you what the circuit includes at the very beginning so you can get an idea of what to expect. You’ll complete a circuit, containing 30 seconds or each move, and then rest and repeat.


15 Minute No Jumping HIIT Workout for Beginners by Emi Wong


Looking for a shorter workout? If you only have 15 minutes a day, that’s fine! This beginner friendly workout works your whole body in just 15 minutes. It’s especially good if you’re living in apartment style housing for your assignment, because there is NO jumping in this workout.


7 Minute No Equipment Arm Workout by Blogilates


Finding a no-equipment workout for arms can be tricky. If you’re looking to supplement your current routine with a good arm workout, this 7 minute, no equipment, no push-ups video is a convenient way to do so! This workout doesn’t include a warm up, so make sure to get those arms and shoulders moving before you start!


What are your favorite workout videos? Do you have any more tips for making working out a priority when you’re on the road? Leave your own advice in the comments below and help out your fellow travel nurses.

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