Tasty U.S. Food Destinations for Travel Nurses: Charleston, South Carolina

February 1 / Posted by Christi Hintz

There are so many reasons to be excited to travel to a new place on assignment, and for many, food is one of them. If you’re taking a look at your assignment options and wondering where to start, perhaps consider an adventure not just to a new place but with a new variety of tastes. We’re hoping to expose you to a few tasty food destinations you may not have considered before. The first one we’ve found for you is Charleston, South Carolina.


U.S. News puts Charleston, SC, as #7 on their list of top food cities in the U.S., and if you like southern comfort food, you will love the wealth of options you have in this city. Here are a few popular restaurants that highlight some of the unique culinary experiences you can have in Charleston. Hopefully they’ll give you a better idea of whether or not this is the food destination for you, as well as some ideas of what to try when you get there!


Hall’s Chophouse


If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, there’s over 4500 reviewers on TripAdvisor who highly recommend Hall’s Chophouse. Hall’s serves elevated classic American cuisine; their menu includes steaks and seafood alongside comfort food like Shrimp and Grits and Lobster Mac and Cheese.


Cru Cafe


Looking for something a little more cozy? Cru Cafe serves unique gourmet food in a little 18th century single-style home that has amazing atmosphere. Although the venue is small, reservations are expected, so make sure you get yours in ahead of time! The menu is quite varied and includes such tasty dishes as Four Cheese Macaroni, Chinese Chicken Salad, and Heritage Farm Pork Schnitzel.


Swig and Swine


If you’re a fan of good barbeque (and who isn’t?), then the search for your favorite barbeque joint is likely ongoing. If that’s the case, you can’t miss this popular restaurant in Charleston: Swig and Swine. The restaurant prides itself on authentic, all-wood smoked meats. As the name suggests, they also carry a wide selection of drink options to pair with your hearty meal. They serve a variety of pork, beef, turkey, and chicken dishes, along with classic barbeque sides.


Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar


Southern seafood dishes have a lot to offer, so don’t miss the chance to add a seafood restaurant to your Charleston to-see list. Close by the Charleston Harbor and in the heart of downtown Charleston, this seafood shop delivers on delicious, fresh seafood.


Parcel 32


Another restaurant set in a charming home, Parcel 32 is all about modern takes on Charleston classics. They’ve got a curated menu of wood-fired food that’s sure to spark your interest, with tantalizing titles such as Pan Roasted Sumac Day Boat Catch and All Spiced Braised Short Rib.


What are some of the best southern foods you’ve tasted since becoming a travel nurse? Where are your favorite food destinations in the U.S.? What restaurants are you dying to get back to the next time you visit? Leave your own recommendations in the comments below!

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