Some Ideas for a Valentine’s Themed Travel Nurse Care Package

February 7 / Posted by Christi Hintz

Do you have a loved one who’s away on a travel assignment? You can help make their Valentine’s day special by sending love in a variety of ways. One idea is a fun on-theme care package! Here are some ideas for what to include.


A Favorite Candle


The right fragrance can stir up feelings of nostalgia or create a relaxing environment. Soothing scents like Vanilla, Eucalyptus, and Lavender can be great as part of a self care kit, or candles based on baked goods or sweet treats can be fun for the season. You can find a candle for almost any scent nowadays, so if you can think of a just-for-them scent that they love or that reminds them of you, you can probably capture that in a candle, too!


A Sweet Tasting Chapstick


It’s February, and for most of the United States that means cold, dry weather. Chapstick is a useful part of any care package, and you can make it cute by including note reminiscent of old-school valentines. Here are a couple of ideas: “you’re the balm!”, “sending sweet kisses your way!”.  


A Travel Journal


Let your travel nurse know that you can’t wait to hear all about their adventures by sending them a small travel journal. If you want to make this especially on-theme, you can find Valentine’s Day journals by the Valentines candy and decor in many stores. Or, decorate a journal yourself! Tuck a note inside the journal saying that you’d love for them to fill this journal with their experiences, so that you can hear all about them once they return!


Bath Supplies


Your loved one works hard, and after a long day in the cold, dark winter, nothing is better than a warm bubble bath. Treat your travel nurse with relaxation essentials like bubble bath, bath bombs, and epsom salt. If you’re really feeling like spoiling your travel nurse, a bottle of wine and a favorite book are a great way to turn bath time into some serious self care.


Foot Care


Nurses are always running around, and that leads to tired, achy feet. Send their tired feet some love with things like a pumice stone, a nice foot moisturizer, foot scrubs, epsom salt, or other pedicure supplies.


Framed Photos


No matter how much your loved one loves their career as a travel nurse, it’s easy to miss friends and family while they’re away! A framed picture of family or the two of you together can be a great reminder of the love and friendship you share, and can help them be reminded of you throughout their trip.


Chocolates, Cookies, or Other Treats


A Valentine’s Day care package wouldn’t be complete without chocolates or other tasty treats! A heart shaped box is classic, or you can pick something you know they love. You may be able to order chocolates or baked goods from a bakery local to your travel nurse’s location, which would make an extra special gift that allows your loved one to experience a special part of the city they’re staying in.




There are a lot of flower delivery services these days, and these can make a great Valentine’s surprise for a travel nurse that loves plants! A pretty bouquet can warm up temporary housing and let them know you’re thinking about them in a breathtaking way. Some services allow you to add extras like chocolate covered strawberries or cards for an additional cost.


How do you like to surprise your travel nursing loved ones when they’re away for holidays? If you’re a travel nurse, what would you love to see in a car package? Leave your own suggestions in the comments below.


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