Fun Experiences in Snowy Cities

February 22 / Posted by Christi Hintz

You’ve travelled to a location that gets a lot more snow than you’re used to, and you might have mixed feelings about the cold. But different climates bring opportunities for unique experiences that you might not otherwise get, and you might be surprised by how many options open up when you’ve got snow to work with! Here are some ideas of fun activities to try when you travel somewhere with snow.


Skiing and Snowboarding


We’d be remiss not to mention skiing and snowboarding on this list, which are huge tourist draws for many snowy cities throughout the U.S. Many resorts come with options for equipment rental, beginner’s classes, and a variety of slopes at different difficulty levels. Some slopes even offer night skiing for those who want to try a different ski experience. A day on the slopes is a lot of fun, but just make sure you plan for any equipment, training, and travel information you may need before you head out. Don’t forget to enjoy the amenities offered by the lodge as well, which can include warm, yummy food and drinks and a great view of the mountain, among other things.


Brand new to skiing? Read up on beginner tips to help make your first experience fun, worry free, and safe.


Snow Tubing


Snowboarding and skiing are all well and good, but if you want something fun without as much of a learning curve, you could consider snow tubing. Many ski resorts also offer this fun activity where you tube down a slope on an intertube. It’s a fun winter activity that’s easy to get started with!


Dog Sledding


Looking for a truly unique experience? Some states, like Wisconsin, have dog sled races, demonstrations, and even instruction! Whether you’re excited about dog sledding for the historical significance, the unique experience, or the adorable dogs, this may be a fun activity worth looking into.


Outdoor Ice Skating


You’ve probably been ice skating before, but there’s nothing quite like ice skating on an outdoor rink. Many cities with cold temperatures have at least one outdoor skating rink, typically in a park (like this one in Acacia Park in Colorado) but sometimes they’re hosted by companies on private land (Anheuser Busch Brewery in St. Louis. Missouri will sometimes have such a rink on their grounds during their brewery lights celebration). Take a look at local events on facebook, check out websites of local parks, or ask around your unit to find out about seasonal rinks.


Winter and Ice Carnivals


Many cities that get snow and ice participate in yearly festivals where artists design intricate ice sculptures and snow art. Look into local events available in the city you’re travelling to to see if your assignment will coincide with any of these festivals. They can be quite breathtaking!


No matter what activities you take part in, make sure you keep warm and stay safe! Many snow and ice related activities carry risk of injuries, so make sure you’re aware of what you should be wearing and what risks to watch out for before you head out.  


What are your favorite snow day activities? What unique activities have you seen in your own city or cities you’ve traveled to? Leave some of your own suggestions in the comments below, and keep your eyes out for fun activities unique to your travel destinations.

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