Resources That Help You Explore Your Travel Location

March 28 / Posted by Christi Hintz

It’s always exciting to start a new assignment, especially if it’s in a city that you’ve been looking forward to visiting. But once you get there, how do you make the most of your time? How do you know what the hottest spots or events are in a city that you’ve never been to? There are a lot of great online resources that help you unlock the kind of information that used to only be available to locals and long time residents. Here are just a few of those resources that will help you explore your new city and stay in the loop, even if you’re far from home.


Social Media


Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms excel in keeping people connected, and they’re great resources for discovering the best stuff in your city. Hashtags make it easy to see what the locals are talking about, while Facebook events and business pages help you discover events and deals that a first time visitor might not otherwise have access to.




TripAdvisor is a super helpful website that compiles information on local restaurants, tourist attractions, and things to do around any city. They have lots of reviews and rankings to help connect you to the things that other travellers have enjoyed, as well as information about the business or event to help you determine if it’s something you’d be interested in, too. In some cases, you can even reserves a table or purchase tickets through their website, making planning your outings even easier.




Yelp is another great review site for local services that range from a night out to a good dentist, so it’ll be more helpful than TripAdvisor if you’re looking for more practical services during your assignment. You can get quick information on local businesses like their hours, price range, and whether or not they deliver. Yelp has a large community of reviewers that are able to leave detailed reviews and pictures of their experiences.




Looking for ways to keep in touch with nature on your nursing assignment? A good hiking trail can be hard to find, but it doesn’t need to be with AllTrails. This helpful resource catalogs local trails for hiking, biking, birdwatching, and more all over the world, so you can find a trail for whatever way you like to explore. The community contributes reviews and tips that will help give you a better idea of what the trail will be like before you arrive. You can filter trails using a variety of factors like difficulty, rating, and length. Create a free account to keep track of your favorite trails, or upgrade to a pro membership to unlock more features offered by the website and app.


Local Nurses


Not only do locals give the best suggestions, but talking to your coworkers about what they like to do in their city is a great way to break the ice and find excuses to get to know them outside of work.


What’s your favorite resource for finding the best your new city has to offer? Did we miss any big ones? Leave your own suggestions in the comments below!


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