Cute Travel Nurse Gift Ideas for Nurses’ Week 2019

April 8 / Posted by Christi Hintz


Nurses’ week is fast approaching and runs from May 6th through May 12th. It’s a celebration of all the wonderful things the nurses in our communities do to keep us healthy and safe. Whether you’re a travel nurse with lots of nurse friends or a loved one of a nurse that wants to show their appreciation, we have a variety of fun gift ideas to help you decide on the perfect present.


Personalized Water Bottle


A personalized water bottle makes a great gift for a travel nurse because it’ll help them stay hydrated in style while they’re on their feet all day. You can personalize a water bottle with a name, a symbol of nursing or of the nurse’s discipline, or with a fun quote or other personal touch that is significant to them or both of you. If you want to make this gift extra special, you can fill the water bottle with healthy snacks, other self care essentials, or something you know your loved one will enjoy.


Humorous Nurse-Themed T-Shirts and Mugs


Water bottles aren’t the only gifts you can personalize- travel mugs, t-shirts, pajamas, tote bags, and more make great gifts when they’re stamped with something your loved one would appreciate. But you may not even need to get them personalized to find a witty nurse-themed piece for your nurse friends. A variety of websites like CafePress and Amazon feature designs made by others that can be humorous and fun gifts for nurses’ week. Some of our favorites include this design which reads “Nurse: The first person you see after saying “hold my beer and watch this”.”, or this whimsical mug that says “I’m a nurse, what’s your superpower?”.


A Care Package


If your travel nurse is currently off on assignment and you’re not nearby to deliver a fun gift, a care package makes a great reminder that you’re thinking about them and that you love them. Care packages come in all shapes and sizes and can include things like snacks, personal care items, baking kits, coffee, fitness gear, or little luxuries personalized to your loved one’s interests. There are many cute ways to bundle up these gifts and make them fun. You can pick a color theme or a “survival kit” theme. Make sure you include a letter letting your travel nurse know how much you miss and love them!


Anatomically Correct Organs Chocolates


Want a gift that’s clever and delicious? Visual Anatomy is a small business that makes specialty chocolates shaped like anatomically correct organs. They have 24 options, including brains, colons, ears, eyes, lungs and more. Choose an assorted box of milk and dark chocolates or choose a custom box and fill it with the shapes that you choose. These boxes are giftable and great for nurses or other medical professionals who will likely appreciate them even more than more traditional heart shaped candies!


What are you planning to get your favorite travel nurses for nurses’ week? What’s your favorite gift that you’ve received on this holiday? Leave your own suggestions in the comments below.


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